57th International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad

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Dear participants and guests of the Olympiad!

Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Gani Beisembayev

We are pleased to welcome you to the beautiful and blessed land of Kazakhstan! We sincerely thank you for your presence at the Olympiad! We hope that the days spent in our hospitable country will be unforgettable, and the atmosphere of the capital located in the heart of Eurasia will give you immense pleasure.

Our country is a homeland for more than 100 nationalities who live in peace and harmony. We cherish Kazakh traditions and respect the customs of other ethnic groups.  I am sure that our friendliness, ability to cooperate, sense of beauty and peaceful co-existence allow us to promote science, culture and education. Only in unity and solidarity we have the power to create, to perform and to build the future!

The founders of Kazakhstan's science are the academician Kanysh Satpayev, the chemist and metallurgist Yevney Boketov, the mathematician Orymbek Zhautykov, the geneticist Gakash Biyashov, and other famous scientists. We are always open to the development of creative and scientific ideas, and we are very pleased that representatives from 22 countries of the world will gather in Astana.

I am sure that the Kazakh land, friendliness and good attitude will help each of you to show your talents, to prove your knowledge, and to achieve the best results

It is also remarkable that every year the International Mendeleev Olympiad becomes more extensive and interesting, contributes to improving the research culture of schoolchildren, and motivates them to reach new heights.

I hope that Kazakhstan would be a starting point for you to join the world of science and explore its unique opportunities!

I wish you good luck, confidence in your skills, and may the best one win.

Minister of Education

Dear Participants of the 57th International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad!

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the IMChO-57,

Scientific Advisor of the Chemistry Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University,

RAS Vice-President

Stepan Nikolayevich Kalmykov

Congratulations that you have been selected by your countries to take a part in such wonderful competition. We are very pleased to have you together today and we are happy to arrange a competition worthy of your intelligence and accomplishments.

The MSU Chemistry Department has extensive experience in work with gifted children. Thus, interesting challenges and a fascinating practical round are ready for you, designed by scientists from the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University and their colleagues. And I am absolutely sure that the international jury will give an objective assessment of your results.

No matter how this Olympiad passes for you, it is a great step forward into the wonderful land called chemistry. We will be glad to have you among our students and then as colleagues in the future.

Good luck!

Dear friends!

Co-chair of IMChO-57,

Executive Director

of The Andrey Melnichenko Foundation

The International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad is one of the distinguished     academic competitions in the world. By uniting national teams from different countries and continents, it proves that scientific inquiry has no borders.  There are no boundaries for friendship either: for the fourth time participants of the IMChO are warmly welcomed by Kazakhstan, a country that is always open to friends. This new gathering on the territory of such a venerable nation will allow young chemists to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, get to know each other and communicate. Perhaps this interaction will help form research groups of the future. 

I encourage all participants to believe in themselves. You are the best of the best, and your participation in the Mendeleev Olympiad is proof. I wish you good luck and much success!

About the Olympiad

The International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad has been held since 1992.

It became the successor of the All-Union Chemistry Olympiad of School students, retaining its numbering.

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Stages of the Olympiad

The competition includes three rounds: two theoretical and an experimental one.


During the first round, schoolchildren must solve eight compulsory tasks, according to the complexity of the specialized chemical classes corresponding to the program.


In the second round, participants must demonstrate the universality of their training by completing one task from each section:

inorganic chemistry
organic chemistry
analytical chemistry
physical chemistry
natural sciences

The experimental round tests the skills of working in a chemical laboratory: performing chemical analysis of substances and conducting synthesis according to the proposed methodology.

Этапы олимпиады

During the first round, schoolchildren must solve eight compulsory tasks, according to the complexity of the specialized chemical classes corresponding to the program.

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